How much Supercol will I need to use?

The thickness level will be recommended for you by your healthcare professional. As a guide a standard 200ml glass of water will require ¼ of a teaspoon (2 gm) of Supercol to thicken the water to Australian Standard thickness level 150 (Mildly Thick).

 How many thickness levels are there?

As defined by the Australian Standards for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids (May 2007) there are three thickness levels:

  1. Mildly Thick. Level 150
    Nectar consistency – coats fork and quickly sinks through
  2. Moderately Thick. Level 400
    Honey consistency – coats fork and slowly sinks through
  3. Extremely Thick. Level 900
    Mousse consistency – remains on fork and holds together

What level of thickness will I require?

The required thickness level for individuals will be determined by the person’s health care professional.

Does Supercol need to be mixed with a blender?

Supercol can be stirred into liquid with a fork or whisk however more consistent results will be achieved by using a shaker or stick blender.

Can Supercol be mixed into both hot and cold food and drinks?

Yes, Supercol can be mixed with food and liquids whether hot or cold.

What is the maximum thickening time?

Supercol will reach maximum thickness around the two-three minute mark.

What is the shelf life of Supercol?

Product distributed by Supercol Australia has a shelf life of 12 months

What is the shelf life after I have mixed Supercol with food or drink?

It is recommended that food or drink containing Supercol that has been refrigerated be disposed of after 3 days

What about the nutrition of Supercol?

Supercol is natural guar gum and is very low in saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of dietary fibre and potassium.

Can Supercol be used in Diabetic patients?

Yes. Unlike starch based thickeners Supercol does not adversely affect blood glucose levels

Does Supercol cause dehydration?

No, it does not. Supercol is a soluble fibre and it will hold some water through the small intestine. When Supercol reaches the large intestine it is broken down and fermented by bacteria to water, carbon dioxide and free fatty acids. In the large intestine most of the water that Supercol carried with it is reabsorbed into the body.

Does Supercol cause constipation?

No, it does not. If used according to direction it will not cause constipation. Supercol can have a mildly laxative effect. At the start of treatment with Supercol there may be some mild gastrointestinal disturbance such as increased flatulence, diarrhoea or nausea but these will normally pass.

Is Supercol gluten and dairy free?

Yes, Supercol is completely gluten and dairy free.

Will Supercol change the taste and smell of my food and drink?

Supercol has no discernible flavour or odour.

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