Supercol is available in four sizes: 325gm & 900gm plastic jar, 4.5kg bag and 10kg pail.

325 + 900gm Jarsupercol-900g-bottle

The 325gm + 900gm jar is ideal for home use and provides excellent value when compared to other food & liquid thickeners in the home pack market. If mixing to Level 150 – mildly thick, a 900gm jar contains product sufficient to mix up to 150 litres of thickened liquid.

325gm jar contains product sufficient to mix up to 59 litres of thickened liquid.

Catering Packssupercol-cater-pack

Larger pack sizes of Supercol are available for commercial catering use and can be ordered by phone or emailing enquiries to Supercol Australia at

The 4.5kg bag and the 10kg pail provide kitchen and catering services with access to the finest quality all natural food thickener at exceptional value.


Overseas enquiries are also welcome. Send enquiries to

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