A Natural Solution for Infant Reflux

Are you tired of seeing your baby struggle with reflux or discomfort during feedings?

Introducing Supercol Food & Liquid Thickener – the all-natural, allergy-free solution designed to transform the feeding experience for your little one.


What is Supercol All Natural Food & Liquid Thickener?

Supercol is a low energy, high quality food grade guar gum designed to thicken breast milk or formula to make swallowing easier and reduce risk of aspiration. High in soluble fibre, it forms a thick gel when combined with liquid without sacrificing on taste.

Supercol has a 5 Star Health Rating and has been recommended and trusted by Australians since 1992.

Key Benefits of Supercol

All-Natural & Allergy-Free

Our formula is gentle and completely natural, ensuring your baby receives the care they deserve without any adverse side effects. It’s suitable for even the most sensitive little tummies.

Dairy and Gluten Free

Supercol is a safe, wholesome choice for every baby. Rest easy knowing that is free from common allergens, making it the perfect choice for babies with dietary sensitivities.

No Change in Taste or Smell

Your baby won’t even notice the difference! Supercol blends seamlessly with breast milk or formula, preserving the taste and smell your little one loves.

Safe for Full-Term Babies

Gentle relief for full-term babies with GER with no adverse side effects for worry-free use.

Easy to Use

Supercol can be pre-mixed, frozen, and then thawed or warmed – perfect for busy parents.

Smooth, Homogenous Result

Say goodbye to lumps and clumps. Supercol creates a smooth, homogenous mixture that’s easy for your baby to swallow.

Supercol’s dedication to safety

At Supercol, your baby’s well-being is our top priority. While our thickener is a game-changer for feeding comfort, we advise against use for infants under 3 months who are not full-term. Before incorporating Supercol into your routine, consult with your trusted general practitioner or specialist.

Mixing Tips

  1. Add desired measure of liquid to clean and dry cup, glass, jug or bottle
  2. Slowly sprinkle dosage into liquid, whilst stirring vigorously
  3. Mix for no more than 30 seconds, ensuring powder is completely dissolved
  4. For maximum thickness, leave to stand for 2-3 minutes before serving

Why choose Supercol for infant reflux?



Supercol is pure, natural guar gum and contains no preservatives or additives. It’s dairy and gluten free, very low in saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium and a great source of dietary fibre and potassium.



We understand that your baby’s well-being is your top concern. That’s why Supercol is the trusted choice of parents worldwide. Supercol has been the thickener of choice in over 100 hospitals nationwide over the last 30 years. Supercol is regularly recommended and trusted by healthcare professionals.



Supercol offers an unbeatable value, costing two to three times less than most other powder thickeners. Don’t believe us? Check out our price comparison chart!

Our daughter Marie has been using Supercol since she was born. Diagnosed with silent aspiration we were told thickener was a must for ou baby girl. Adding it to her formula was a game changer. 12 months on as we now introduce thinner fluids like water, full cream milk etc we are still monitoring her and adding Supercol Thickener. Easy to use, Great product, efficient delivery times and helpful staff is why we choose Supercol! It has seriously been a life changer for Marie.


Supercol effortlessly blends with hot or cold food and drinks, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite meals without sacrificing taste or texture.



Prepare Supercol-thickened food and beverages and store them in your fridge for up to three days, allowing you the freedom to plan ahead.


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