Water thickener. 3 ways Supercol helps Australians young and old

Water thickener: 3 ways Supercol helps Australians young and old

Supercol food and water thickener has significantly impacted the quality of life for both young and elderly individuals Australia wide.

With its ability to transform liquids into gels, this innovative product has found its way into countless households, providing solutions to many everyday challenges.

From ensuring the smooth consistency for infants, from purees to solids and aiding individuals with swallowing difficulties, including the elderly, Supercol has proven a versatile ally in enhancing nutrition, relieving pain and discomfort and improving overall well-being.

Join us as we explore the incredible ways Supercol is transforming lives and positively impacting individuals of all ages throughout Australia.

What is water thickener?

A water thickener is a substance that can enhance the thickness of a liquid without significantly altering its other characteristics. Thickened water, specifically formulated for infants, the elderly, and individuals with swallowing

difficulties (dysphagia), incorporates a tasteless and odourless thickening agent like xanthan or guar gum. This additive imparts a dense texture to the water and can be mixed into various liquids such as milk or plain water.

3 ways water thickener can be used

Water thickeners can positively impact many individuals who require assistance with swallowing or reflux issues.

1. Helping treat babies with reflux, naturally

Supercol can provide relief to full-term babies with gastroesophageal reflux (GER). It is a vegan, dairy and gluten-free product that enhances the consistency of breast milk or formula.

It blends seamlessly, preserving the taste and smell of the original liquid. Whether pre-mixed, frozen, thawed, or warmed, Supercol ensures a smooth and homogeneous result.

For infants who are not full-term or if you have concerns about its usage, it is advisable to consult with a General Practitioner or Specialist beforehand.

Discover more reasons why mum’s love Supercol here.

2. Helping people with swallowing difficulties

Supercol is an affordable and manageable solution for dysphagia sufferers in Australia. 

It costs two to three times less than traditional powder thickeners and offers a simple and cost-effective solution for those struggling to find relief.

With Supercol, there’s no need to compromise on taste or texture – it is a versatile product that can be conveniently mixed with hot and cold liquids.

The quality and effectiveness of this product has been clinically tested and proven to provide optimal thickness levels required by individuals with dysphagia.

3. Water thickener for the elderly

Supercol food thickeners are highly effective and provide relief for elderly individuals with dysphagia or other conditions that make it difficult to consume regular food and drinks.

By using Supercol in liquid, the risk of aspiration into the lungs is reduced, allowing these individuals to enjoy their favourite foods and drinks without compromising their health.

It is especially beneficial for aged care and nursing home residents who often struggle with dysphagia due to factors like old age, strokes, cancer, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.

The use of food and liquid thickeners not only improves their swallowing ability but also has a significant positive impact on their overall health and quality of life.

Importantly, Supercol does not alter the taste of the thickened item, so the person can continue to enjoy the taste of their food and drink.

Alternative to water thickener Chemist Warehouse

If you find yourself the caregiver for a baby with reflux or an elderly family member and you can’t easily make a trip to the chemist, don’t fret!

With Supercol’s convenient online shop with express delivery, we take away the added stress of leaving the house when you need a quick solution.

Supercol’s online platform enables you to place an order and opt for express shipping to your doorstep. This saves time and ensures that those in your care have access to what they need without any unnecessary inconvenience.

So next time you’re unable to make it to the chemist due to looking after a reflux baby or an elderly person, remember that there are alternatives available online. Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and hello to convenience with just a few clicks of a button.

Where to buy water thickener Australia

If you want to buy a water thickener in Australia, look no further than Supercol’s website. As one of the leading suppliers of 100% natural liquid thickeners, Supercol offers a wide range of sizes to suit your needs and budget. Visit us at www.supercol.com.au

Water thickener: 3 ways Supercol helps Australians young and old

Supercol water thickener has profoundly impacted the well-being of young and elderly individuals in Australia, particularly those dealing with issues such as reflux and dysphagia.

If you want to uncover the exceptional benefits that Supercol offers, we invite you to browse our website or contact us for further assistance.

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