Food & Drink thickener: Supercol for the elderly FAQ's

Food and drink thickener: Supercol for the Elderly FAQs

Are you looking for a food and drink thickener for an elderly friend or family member with dysphagia that doesn’t compromise on taste?

Supercol is a popular choice for those seeking an all-natural solution to thicken food and drinks, particularly for individuals with swallowing difficulties.

Supercol is used in settings such as aged and residential care facilities, hospitals, private health clinics, and pharmacies, but it’s also available for personal use at home. Find out why Supercol food and drink thickener is used in medical settings nationwide, and how it can help you on your search for the best thickener of the market.

How does Supercol help dysphagia sufferers?

Supercol thickens liquids and foods, making them less likely to cause choking or aspiration. This allows dysphagia sufferers to enjoy a wider variety of foods and beverages safely.

How can Supercol benefit aged care homes?

Supercol is commonly used in aged care homes to assist elderly residents with dysphagia. Why Supercol?  Our thickener offers numerous benefits for aged care homes. It simplifies the preparation process by quickly thickening fluids without altering taste or texture significantly. This improves meal service efficiency while ensuring proper hydration for residents with dysphagia.

Is Supercol easy to use?

Yes, Supercol is simple to use. It can easily be mixed into liquids or added directly to foods without significantly altering their taste or appearance.

Can I use Supercol at home for my loved one with dysphagia?

Absolutely! Supercol is available online or through medical supply stores, making it accessible for home use. Always consult a healthcare professional before changing your loved one’s diet.

Is Supercol suitable for all types of dysphagia?

Supercol can be used for most forms of dysphagia; however, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional who can provide personalised recommendations based on the specific needs and conditions of the individual.

What benefits does Supercol offer for elderly individuals?

For elderly individuals, Supercol provides a safe and effective solution to manage swallowing difficulties. Thickening liquids help promote safer swallowing, reducing the risk of aspiration pneumonia and enhancing overall nutrition and hydration.

Can Supercol be stored?

Yes! Supercol is perfectly fine to be blended and kept in your refrigerator for a maximum of 72 hours.

Does Supercol alter the taste or texture of food and drinks?

No, Supercol is formulated to maintain food and drinks’ original taste and texture when used as directed. This ensures that individuals with dysphagia can still enjoy their meals without compromising flavour.

Can Supercol be used in hot beverages or soups?

Yes, Supercol works well with hot and cold liquids, including beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soups and broths. Its versatility makes it ideal for managing dysphagia across various meal types.

Is Supercol suitable for all levels of dysphagia?

Supercol is suitable for most individuals with mild to moderate levels of dysphagia. However, consulting with a healthcare professional or speech therapist is always recommended to determine the appropriate thickness level and usage guidelines for each individual.

Is Supercol expensive?

Not in the slightest. Supercol stands out for its incredibly low price point, being two to three times less expensive than most other powder thickeners on the market.

Food and drink thickener: Supercol for the Elderly FAQs

If you care for an elderly family member or a patient with dysphagia, Supercol could offer the solution you have been searching for. We trust that this article has addressed some of your inquiries about our product and encourage you to explore further details or purchase by visiting our website or contacting us directly.

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