Why mums love SuperCol: the go to thickener for babies

Why Mums Love Supercol: The Go-To Thickener for Babies

When it comes to your baby’s comfort and well-being, every mum wants the best. Amongst the many decisions, choosing the right food and liquid thickener becomes crucial, especially for bubs dealing with reflux and swallowing concerns.

Enter Supercol, a trusted, natural, and highly effective thickener that has been improving the lives of babies and their mums since 1992.

Game-Changer for Reflux and Swallowing Concerns

Swallowing issues can turn feeding time into a stressful event for both mum and bub. Thankfully, Supercol is here to save the day.

This thickener slows down the movement of liquids, reducing the risk of pulmonary aspiration, a common issue for babies dealing with dysphagia.

It ensures that feeds are easier to swallow and can significantly decrease vomiting following meals.

Mums who’ve used Supercol call all the time to share how Supercol’s thickener has been a true game-changer, transforming feeding time from stressful to enjoyable.

Gut-Friendly & Nutritionally Beneficial

Supercol isn’t just a thickener – it’s a gut-friendly, nutritionally beneficial addition to your baby’s diet. It stabilises the moisture content of your baby’s stool, softening it in cases of constipation and absorbing excess liquid during bouts of diarrhoea.

It’s a 100% pure and natural guar gum powder, made from real food, (not like other nasty gums created artificially)..

It’s low in saturated fats, cholesterol, sodium, and is a valuable source of dietary fibre and potassium – the perfect blend for supporting development.

Promotes Better Sleep for Mum and Bub

We all know that good sleep is crucial for both mum and bub. Supercol ensures that your baby can easily consume their thickened feed without fatiguing, thus helping to prevent dehydration, weight loss, and bad sleep habits.

As it absorbs a high amount of water, it also promotes a feeling of fullness- and we all know a well-fed baby is a happy, sleepy baby.

Safety Assured

Supercol is not only effective but also safe for your little ones.

Research has found that feed thickening is a proven intervention to decrease regurgitation associated with gastroesophageal reflux (GOR) in young children and babies.

Plus, studies on guar gum have shown no harm even at very high doses, concluding that it is not carcinogenic.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

Due to its high viscosity, only a small amount is needed, making Supercol a cost-effective solution.

Plus, the team here at Supercol offer a quick turnaround of orders to make things convenient for busy mums with express orders interstate often arriving 1 business day.

The Smart Choice for Mums: Supercol

Being a mum is rewarding but can also be challenging. Supercol is here to make your journey a little easier by providing a safe, effective, and natural solution for your baby’s reflux and swallowing issues. Ready to transform your baby’s feeding experience and get more peaceful nights of sleep? Start your journey with Supercol today. Join the many mums who trust and recommend Supercol for their baby’s nutritional needs.

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